Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sign Our Petition!

Yes, that's three cents a share!

I was pleased to find out today that Yellow Media's stock has plunged to $0.03 and that usage of phone books is now so poor that Calgarians need to be reminded that they can still request residential phone directories. Paper phone books have clearly outlived their usefulness, per the interview I gave to OpenFile Montreal in April, 2012.

I was not very pleased, however, to find out that a whole stack of mini Yellow Page directories had been delivered to my apartment building again:

They have been here since last week and nobody wants them.

Please sign my petition to encourage Environment Canada to create opt-in only legislation for paper phone directories.

Share, sign and tweet:

I'll be on CBC Radio Montreal this afternoon at 3:40 discussing my petition and the demise of the Yellow Pages.

(514) 472-0185

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yellow Page Mountain 2011

It's almost been a year since we return delivered our first Yellow Page Mountain to the Yellow Media head office, but despite strong media coverage of our first initiative, we did not inspire the government to create opt-in legislation, like in San Francisco, California.

Last week, while walking home on Jean Talon, I saw dozens of unclaimed phone books littering the streets of Montreal and decided it was time to take action again:

French version - Mont Pages Jaunes:

I intend to deliver this year's Yellow Page Mountain to the policymakers who can put an end to mass unsolicited phone book deliveries. I want to deliver the Mountain to the appropriate government or municipal office that can pass opt-in only legislation and invite others to join me with their unwanted phone books on the delivery day.

Where do you think I should deliver the mountain in Montreal? Should I tour with my mountain?


P.S. Videotron just released its own Yellow Pages! What a waste!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mountainous Reactions

Yellow Page Group should be aiming for digital...

We proudly report that exactly one month has passed since we built the Yellow Page Mountain and the societal impact and transmission of our stunt continues.  So far, our video has nearly 24 000 views on YouTube and nearly 500 eco-conscious members have joined our Facebook Fan Page.

Since launching our campaign to hasten the discontinuation of the paper phone directory, we have been featured in six major Canadian news media outlets in French and English, and been discussed in over a dozen popular blogs:

News media:

Globe and Mail (Siri Agrell)
La Presse/ Cyberpresse (Tristan Péloquin)
Cyberpresse Finances (Richard DuFour)
The Montreal Gazette (Andy Riga) (Amy Chung)
LCN (TVA Nouvelles)


Proper Propaganda (Jackson Wightman)
PR Daily
Fait Ici (Lindsay Davis)
Unconsumption (Molly Block) (Andrew Price)
Montreal City Weblog (Makaera Vir)
Big Fat Marketing Blog (Brian Quinton)
Branchez-Vous (Marie-Andrée Chalifour) (David Painchaud)

Yellow Page Mountain is overjoyed to be a social media catalyst for environmental change.  We believe we can retire the paper phone book (or vastly decrease its distribution) by promoting environmentally friendly digital alternatives.  Yellow Page Mountain now considers part of its mission to educate both individuals and businesses in digital literacy, online marketing and paperless directory solutions.

Another important announcement, if any individual from any city in the world wishes to volunteer for the next Yellow Page Mountain guerilla initiative, please send an e-mail to Yellow Page Mountain @

If you haven't already done so, please OPT-OUT IN CANADAOPT-OUT IN THE U.S. or OPT-OUT IN FRANCE today.  Links to opt-out programs in any other countries are greatly appreciated on the Yellow Page Mountain Facebook Page or in the comments.

Inspired by the PureAirSystems blog, we suggest that the old yellow pages slogan, "Let your fingers do the walking" should be permanently changed to, "Let your fingers do the typing."


Friday, November 12, 2010

The Confirmation Arrives

Finally, after lamenting the no-show of the YPG opt-out confirmation e-mail on my Twitter to @yellowpages_ca, I was sent two e-mails in English and in French opting me out of delivery for the next two years.  I wish I could opt-out permanently.

Another positive development: today, our project was featured on the front page of PR Daily.  My thanks to PR specialist Jackson Wightman for promoting our cause.

A final way to continue to support our initiative: we are trying to prove via Facebook the Yellow Page Group's statistic wrong that only 1% of Canadians want to opt-out of delivery.  However bold, we need to obtain at least 400 000 likes on Facebook to prove our case.  Let's oust the paper mountain with a digital mountain of support!

Please follow the #yellowpagemountain on Twitter or our Facebook page for the latest updates,


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No Confirmation for Opt-out?

The response to the first Yellow Page Mountain video has been great and we are very pleased that so many people share in our belief to opt-out of paper phone books!

However, it would appear that the opt-out process on the Yellow Page's website never sends an e-mail confirming the choice to opt-out.  Is this yet another empty gesture from YPG's "eco-initiatives"?  If you ever receive a confirmation e-mail, please let us know in the comments.

We also received a report by Dana Ditomaso about Yellow Page Group's deceptive sales tactics and misrepresentation of the listing's effect on Internet site rankings:

"The Yellow Pages reps always tell my clients the same stories but they’re getting more insistent in recent years. 
1. We are the only authorized Google AdWords reseller in Canada.
There’s two parts to this. First, it implies that being a Google AdWords reseller is better than a consultant who works with AdWords. That’s absolutely not true. You do not receive better rates by working with a reseller – if anything, it costs more and they provide you with less reporting. Secondly, they are not the only authorized Google AdWords reseller in Canada.
2. Having a listing on the Yellow Pages will improve your rank on Google.
Nope. Check out a Yellow Pages listing. You’ll see that the link to the website is actually something like – that means that the link actually is a redirect from the Yellow Pages site, not a true link to your site. It may pass along some link value but it’s of low value.
3. The Yellow Pages website gets more traffic than Google!
Absolutely not. I think the below chart (from Alexa, a well-regarded provider of competitive website statistics) will paint the real picture. I’ve included for comparison purposes.
4. We have special ways of making your site show up on Google – no one else can do that.
They’re talking about pay-per-click advertising here. I’ll tell you their secret – they’re using the local business options available to any AdWords advertiser. Nothing secret there, just knowing what boxes to click.
And worst of all…
5. If you cancel your ad with us, your ranking will go down on Google.
An absolute lie. Ask them for proof – how will this happen? Ask for specific examples. In my experience, I have not seen any detrimental ranking effects when a client has canceled or downgraded their Yellow Pages listing. If anything, they can improve their reach because of the money they saved!
I’ve been discussing these issues with other web developers on Twitter for a couple of weeks and if the folks at Yellow Pages even noticed, they haven’t said anything. If Yellow Pages was as web-savvy as they claim, they would have picked up on the Twitter mentions by now and gotten in touch.
Our sincere thanks again for all of your support and please continue to spread the word and share your Yellow Page stories and media,